U-Kwon’s realest fangirls, Kyung & Zico


Snow Tokyo 2012 by Pietro Zuco on Flickr.

  im dead  


田舎の邸宅 によって 拓也土 

happy birthday to apink’s sealion from busan, jung eunji

man i don’t know what to say except love u happy virus pls continue to be the marvelous you that you are.


how long until heechul buys sm and fires half the staff and reunites tvxq& brings us world peace 


Head east and you will reach a tall red tower.
I can’t promise, but there you might find other survivors besides yourself.

Henry suddenly proposes marriage to Sunny; but then… they’ve been acting like newlyweds from the start. 

If your gf wants to eat pasta but you want to eat yakiniku what would you do ?

Jimin: pasta
V: pasta
Rapmon: pasta
Jin: pasta
Jungkook: pasta
J-hope: pasta
Suga: yakiniku


On screen: Hang Kang Woo running away from his abusive father.

Off screen: Kyungsoo  being Kyungsoo.

why does my sister’s friends have to be in the damn kitchen???!!!!!

I’m so hungry T.T 


August is like the sunday of summer vacation